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Surfing Rio 2014

In Zona Sul, the southern part of Rio and the place you’ll want to hang, there are some great waves that are a walk or a short bike ride away, and for the others, there are buses that can get you there. You’ll want to stay in the south area, my personal pick is Leblon, the swell always seems to be a bit bigger there and the crowds are friendlier than at Arpoador. However, if the swell is macking you definitely want to paddle out at Arpoador, that left gets sick when the conditions are right.

Top Picks For ‘Epic’ Rio Surf

Prainha is the spot of Rio, powerful lefts and rights with an amazing backdrop. Prainha can hold up to 12-15ft, show respect to the locals as in any other situation. On a big day paddle out next to the rocks on the south end of the beach, really fun left. Prainha is a 45 minute drive from downtown Rio and worth the trek. There is a fun wave in the middle section when the tide is right. Don’t miss this wave!

Arpoador is beside the big rock at the northern end of Ipanema has one of the best lefts around, but also one of the biggest and most aggressive crowds. f you want to fight for position you got to paddle in at the base of the rock while the sets roll in, it can be daunting as you navigate the take-off zone. If you can get one up top it’s a blast—get down the line fast. Super fun wave.

Leblon is at the south end of the Leblon/Ipanema beach has a wicked right hander off the canal outlet and also a nice bowl in the same area on smaller days. It has the best vibe in Rio. Even when it’s small you can catch some decent waves here. Right next to a sewage treatment plant, can get very dirty.

Top Pick for ‘Uncrowded’ Surf

Barra is an 18 km long beach with many different breaks, there are tons of sand bars and many good waves to be had along this stretch. Barra also tends to be protected from some of the nastier winds that plague the city and it is usually blowing off shore at the north end of the beach—which is where you kite boarders want to go. If you want to escape the crowds you’ll find some deserted beach break here, its about a 30 minute drive from Ipanema. It’s one of the cleanest beaches in Rio.

Most ‘Adventurous’ Surf Spot in Rio

Grumari is where scenes from Cidade de Deus were filmed. It is a nice beach with a sandy bottom and easy left and rights. It’s about one hour from the city center and it wild and rustic. I had one of my best all time days here on a big swell. It is a beautiful spot and worth checking out.

Good Breaks in Rio

Copacabana/Leme are a few breaks along this stretch. In front of Posto 5 and 6 have the better breaks. Takes a bigger swell to get in here but when it does it can be really going off. I’ve also seen some really good waves along the fort at the north end of the beach, there are several takeoff points as the swell get bigger, better for a longer board.

Ipanema has various breaks scattered along its stretch, it is also a hive of activity and a great place to hang. Arpoador is at the north end of the beach and Leblon is at the south end—you could walk the distance in about 30 minutes and you won’t be disappointed by the view.

Macumba is one of the more pleasant beaches of Rio, various left and right peaks with an offshore bank that works on the bigger swells.

Any Day in The Water is A Good Day in Rio

Praia do Diabo is on the other side of the big rock is this little break, easy rights and sharper lefts. Good fun and better suited for a bodyboard.

Praia do Pepe is at one end of Barra de Tijuca, for wind-surfers and kite-surfers (possible to hire).

Recreio is over the hill from Macumba, good on the large south west swells.

Sao Conrado break is at the bottom of the favela Roçinha. Conrado is an intense, short wave, but be aware here due to the proximity of Roçinha, cleanliness of water is also an issue.

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Ten Awesome Waves in Brazil

Looking for the best place to surf? Look no more because the hottest surf spots are in Brazil. The country’s coastline is almost 7,500 kilometers offering an immense area great for surfing. Most famous for its many and varied reefs, sandy beaches, and rocky points, Brazil is indeed among the top choices for surfing.

 All the best surf spots in Brazil are found in the island of Santa Catarina. To help narrow down your search, here are the top ten surfing hot spots in the country:

  1. Mocambique Beach in Santa Catarina Island

The best bet you’ll have for an ultimate surfing and nightlife experience is the Mocambique Beach in Santa Catarina Island. This beach promises a world class quality of waves, consistently picking up swell even when other spots are flat. You will truly enjoy left and right beach break waves that are long, hollow, powerful, and fast!

Mocambique is one of the longest beaches and best barrels machine in Brazil. It’s unique culture and atmosphere is strictly preserved with no buildings, infrastructures, or commodities. Hence, you may want to bring your own food and water when considering surfing in the Mocambique beach.

  1. Campeche

The C-Bay as it’s normally called, promises a world-class, hollow, fast, and powerful sand-bar waves with average length of 50-150 meters. With the right conditions and at the right time of the year, waves reach lengths of up to 500 meters, allowing you to ride more than 5 barrels in the same wave!

Campeche Bay offers the longest wave in the Santa Cararina Island. It is considered by locals as the Brazilian Jefrey’s Bay. When the atmosphere is perfect, you won’t have time for wavechecks.

  1. Guarda do Embaú

If you’re staying in the city, you’ll just need to make a 5-15 minute walk and you can enjoy the amazing waves in Guarda do Embaú. This place is most famous for its powerful and long rivermouth waves that could reach up to a length of 500 meters when the wind is working. You may want to visit during weekdays, though, because it tends to get crowded during weekends. The place is also known for its parties and hot chicks.

  1. Joaquina Beach

Another beach right in the city is the Joaquina Beach. It has constant long sand-bar waves reaching up to 300 meters in length. Waves in this beach are very consistent averaging to 150 surf days per year. This is why it’s considered by many surfers as the most consistent spot on the island. It’s also the most well-known spot on the island for sandboarding, lounging, and partying on the beach.

  1. Pororoca

Often chosen as the host to annual surf events, Pororoca offers the best and completely epic rivermouth waves ranging to more than 500 meters in length. You may want to visit the area from January to May and from August to November, when the full and new moons create perfect waves. For the best waves, though, schedule your visit in March when there is a particularly strong tidal shift that draws massive amounts of water into the Amazon River Basin; thereby, producing especially amazing waves.

  1. Praia Mole

This beach is most famous for its world class waves. It offers consistently excellent beach breaks in almost all directions, 150 days per year. Aside from the amazing waves all throughout summer, you can also enjoy the beach’s always happy social scene and fun atmosphere. Aside from providing excellent waves, the beach is also known for its never ceasing energy, drawing all the hot chicks from all parts of the world. Hence, you can enjoy surfing and checking out girls at the same time!

  1. Arpoador

Considered as a surfer’s paradise, the Aproador beach is 500 meters long with breakers reaching up to three meters tall. Its barreling waves range from 100 to 200 meters. The best months to visit this beach are from April to October; though it can get crowded during these months as the beach is also famous for its partying scenes and night life.

  1. Barra da Tijuca

Also known as the longest beach in Rio de Janeiro, Barra da Tijuca offers 12 kilometers of clean and tropical green water. It is often frequented by waves suited for both beginners and professional surfers. Its regional classic waves are very consistent, averaging to 150 days yearly. On a good day, you can ride on waves as long as 300 meters. If you are visiting the country and want to teach your son how to surf, this is definitely the place to be.

  1. Praia da Vila Imbituba

As one of the premier big-wave spots in the region, Praia da Vila Imbituba never fails surfers. It offers double overhead surf with consistent big wave spots. Its long stretched beach draws in swells creating surfs that can hold their shape and could be epic when conditions come together. It’s also famous for its amazing beach breaks with point break characteristics creating very big south swells.

  1. Silveira

Silveira is most known for its big south swells that can hold their shape. These waves are perfect for both barreling and maneuvering. High quality waves are highly consistent in this spot, averaging to 150 epic surfing days per year. Its hollow, fast, and powerful point-break waves could reach a length of up to 500 meters in the good days.

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Top Three Ingredients to Looking Good in Rio

We all want to look good and looking good comes at a cost—eating right, exercise, or cosmetic surgery—they all require an investment of both time and money. Eating healthy is more a life-style than anything else, it takes diligence and food knowledge and it calls for a consistent observation of what we put in to our bodies combined with awareness of how eating a particular item will influence our living organism. Eating well is easy in Rio, you just need to skip those french fries and stay away from all those sweats—educate yourself about empty calories and incorporate lots of fruits and vegetables into your diet.

Speaking of diets, I got news for you, diets don’t really work, a temporary behavioral change will not magically produce a new body, you got to change the way you live, it is as simple and as complex as that. Nonetheless, exercise is at the core of any healthy body, you need to move your booty if you want to shape your booty. Get out there and do something, go for a walk, play some tennis, ride your bike to work, join a gym—it doesn’t matter much what you do but you got to do it and make it part of your life.

You eat well and exercise but you just can’t stop thinking about your flat chest. No worries mate, Rio is the mecca of cosmetic surgery and a great place to hang while you are recuperating. I’ll be doing an extensive article on cosmetic vacations in a later post but I had to recognize it as one of the top three ingredients to looking good in Rio. If you do elect for cosmetic surgery, Rio is a excellent option.

Some people choose augmentation to improve their body, society likes to dictate to us what ‘it defines’ as beautiful—what do YOU feel is beautiful? I must admit that some stereotypes do strike a common cord and when it comes to beauty we tend to lean towards a collective definition. The other day I was chatting about Rio while surfing Leblon and this local says to me right before I paddle for a wave

“Hey gringo you like Rio? You know our women have the best asses in the world. No lie gringo, they are the best, I know.”

It was hard for me to disagree and after seeing the video below it left me wondering about what it took to put that junk in the trunk.

Happy new year, may your new year be full of surprises!

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Surf Gloria School in Rio

We love what this film represents, the opportunity to give back to society and the next generation through surfing. Much gratitude goes out to Jean Carlos of the Surf Gloria Surf School and the people that support this surf school and its mission of giving the youth of Rio an alternative to violence and drugs.

Welcome to Surf Rio | Surf Guide Rio De Janeiro Brazil

Brazil is a wonderful travel location. This site will help you prepare for your trip.

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