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Looking Good

Top Three Ingredients to Looking Good in Rio

We all want to look good and looking good comes at a cost—eating right, exercise, or cosmetic surgery—they all require an investment of both time and money. Eating healthy is more a life-style than anything else, it takes diligence and food knowledge and it calls for a consistent observation of what we put in to our bodies combined with awareness of how eating a particular item will influence our living organism. Eating well is easy in Rio, you just need to skip those french fries and stay away from all those sweats—educate yourself about empty calories and incorporate lots of fruits and vegetables into your diet.

Speaking of diets, I got news for you, diets don’t really work, a temporary behavioral change will not magically produce a new body, you got to change the way you live, it is as simple and as complex as that. Nonetheless, exercise is at the core of any healthy body, you need to move your booty if you want to shape your booty. Get out there and do something, go for a walk, play some tennis, ride your bike to work, join a gym—it doesn’t matter much what you do but you got to do it and make it part of your life.

You eat well and exercise but you just can’t stop thinking about your flat chest. No worries mate, Rio is the mecca of cosmetic surgery and a great place to hang while you are recuperating. I’ll be doing an extensive article on cosmetic vacations in a later post but I had to recognize it as one of the top three ingredients to looking good in Rio. If you do elect for cosmetic surgery, Rio is a excellent option.

Some people choose augmentation to improve their body, society likes to dictate to us what ‘it defines’ as beautiful—what do YOU feel is beautiful? I must admit that some stereotypes do strike a common cord and when it comes to beauty we tend to lean towards a collective definition. The other day I was chatting about Rio while surfing Leblon and this local says to me right before I paddle for a wave

“Hey gringo you like Rio? You know our women have the best asses in the world. No lie gringo, they are the best, I know.”

It was hard for me to disagree and after seeing the video below it left me wondering about what it took to put that junk in the trunk.

Happy new year, may your new year be full of surprises!


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