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Ten Awesome Waves in Brazil

Looking for the best place to surf? Look no more because the hottest surf spots are in Brazil. The country’s coastline is almost 7,500 kilometers offering an immense area great for surfing. Most famous for its many and varied reefs, sandy beaches, and rocky points, Brazil is indeed among the top choices for surfing.

 All the best surf spots in Brazil are found in the island of Santa Catarina. To help narrow down your search, here are the top ten surfing hot spots in the country:

  1. Mocambique Beach in Santa Catarina Island

The best bet you’ll have for an ultimate surfing and nightlife experience is the Mocambique Beach in Santa Catarina Island. This beach promises a world class quality of waves, consistently picking up swell even when other spots are flat. You will truly enjoy left and right beach break waves that are long, hollow, powerful, and fast!

Mocambique is one of the longest beaches and best barrels machine in Brazil. It’s unique culture and atmosphere is strictly preserved with no buildings, infrastructures, or commodities. Hence, you may want to bring your own food and water when considering surfing in the Mocambique beach.

  1. Campeche

The C-Bay as it’s normally called, promises a world-class, hollow, fast, and powerful sand-bar waves with average length of 50-150 meters. With the right conditions and at the right time of the year, waves reach lengths of up to 500 meters, allowing you to ride more than 5 barrels in the same wave!

Campeche Bay offers the longest wave in the Santa Cararina Island. It is considered by locals as the Brazilian Jefrey’s Bay. When the atmosphere is perfect, you won’t have time for wavechecks.

  1. Guarda do Embaú

If you’re staying in the city, you’ll just need to make a 5-15 minute walk and you can enjoy the amazing waves in Guarda do Embaú. This place is most famous for its powerful and long rivermouth waves that could reach up to a length of 500 meters when the wind is working. You may want to visit during weekdays, though, because it tends to get crowded during weekends. The place is also known for its parties and hot chicks.

  1. Joaquina Beach

Another beach right in the city is the Joaquina Beach. It has constant long sand-bar waves reaching up to 300 meters in length. Waves in this beach are very consistent averaging to 150 surf days per year. This is why it’s considered by many surfers as the most consistent spot on the island. It’s also the most well-known spot on the island for sandboarding, lounging, and partying on the beach.

  1. Pororoca

Often chosen as the host to annual surf events, Pororoca offers the best and completely epic rivermouth waves ranging to more than 500 meters in length. You may want to visit the area from January to May and from August to November, when the full and new moons create perfect waves. For the best waves, though, schedule your visit in March when there is a particularly strong tidal shift that draws massive amounts of water into the Amazon River Basin; thereby, producing especially amazing waves.

  1. Praia Mole

This beach is most famous for its world class waves. It offers consistently excellent beach breaks in almost all directions, 150 days per year. Aside from the amazing waves all throughout summer, you can also enjoy the beach’s always happy social scene and fun atmosphere. Aside from providing excellent waves, the beach is also known for its never ceasing energy, drawing all the hot chicks from all parts of the world. Hence, you can enjoy surfing and checking out girls at the same time!

  1. Arpoador

Considered as a surfer’s paradise, the Aproador beach is 500 meters long with breakers reaching up to three meters tall. Its barreling waves range from 100 to 200 meters. The best months to visit this beach are from April to October; though it can get crowded during these months as the beach is also famous for its partying scenes and night life.

  1. Barra da Tijuca

Also known as the longest beach in Rio de Janeiro, Barra da Tijuca offers 12 kilometers of clean and tropical green water. It is often frequented by waves suited for both beginners and professional surfers. Its regional classic waves are very consistent, averaging to 150 days yearly. On a good day, you can ride on waves as long as 300 meters. If you are visiting the country and want to teach your son how to surf, this is definitely the place to be.

  1. Praia da Vila Imbituba

As one of the premier big-wave spots in the region, Praia da Vila Imbituba never fails surfers. It offers double overhead surf with consistent big wave spots. Its long stretched beach draws in swells creating surfs that can hold their shape and could be epic when conditions come together. It’s also famous for its amazing beach breaks with point break characteristics creating very big south swells.

  1. Silveira

Silveira is most known for its big south swells that can hold their shape. These waves are perfect for both barreling and maneuvering. High quality waves are highly consistent in this spot, averaging to 150 epic surfing days per year. Its hollow, fast, and powerful point-break waves could reach a length of up to 500 meters in the good days.


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