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Foreign job-seekers living in Brazil should brush up on their networking skills. To most Brazilians networking is the name of the game, seeking employment recommendations through friends, colleagues, professional associates and industry contacts is as important as a good resume. Many Brazilians apply directly to employers by submitting a resume or by completing a job application. Don’t be surprised if you’re asked to sit down for an impromptu interview. We’ve also put together some listing, we’ll be updating this page frequently, so check back or sign up for our newsletter to get the skinny. Check Job in Portuguese Here: http://www.empregos.com.br

Brazil’s Oldest Language Immersion Program

Wanted native English speaking teachers for Brazil’s oldest language immersion program (30 years).

Accommodation & board provided.

For more information: riodejaneiro@littleengland.com.br


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Teach English in Brazil

Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

1,500 Brazilian Real (BRL) per Month

Business Executive English

We are a small school located in Rio de Janeiro constantly hiring ESL native speaking teachers. We seek a well presented, creative, hardworking, adaptable person with a positive disposition who is able to work in a professional environment. We provide an apartment located on an island in the upmarket part of Rio. Come and enjoy this wonderful city with us. Please send us your Resume together with a recent photo to: sunshinetefl@live.com Please also indicate to us when you will be in Rio and if you speak any Portuguese. Visit the website for more details.

Website: www.sunshinetefl.com

Email: sunshinetefl@live.com

Phone: (+55)(21) 9263-4525

Resource Links: http://www.esljobsworld.com http://www.totalesl.com

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Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

PROFESSORES English Course seeks experienced teachers for advanced students in Barra Caxias Centro early morning and or evening good pay only cvs with dates and availability to english4u@mundivox.com.br

Link: http://www.englishinbrazil.com

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ENGLISH Teachers Wanted


Our Company is recruiting instructors for its Tijuca Unit. Send CV to: wu.cv.teachers@gmail.com


Link: http://www.englishinbrazil.com

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Teaching English in Brazil with Projects Abroad

Volunteer Opportunities Teaching English in Schools with Projects Abroad

As an international volunteer, English teaching in Brazil will give you an amazing new perspective on this incredible country. You can gain invaluable work experience abroad without any previous qualifications, and you are not required to have undergone TEFL training. Whether you are coming to volunteer abroad during your gap year, career break or an extended vacation, you will have a role to play in one of the schools that we work with, and you will be able to make a real difference.

Cost in US$: From US$2,895 Up

Link: http://www.volunteerabroad.com

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Teach English in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

This is a great opportunity to teach English in the heart of Rio’s ‘favella’ communities. Rio is always striking but not always for the right reasons; much of its population live in inadequate housing and have no access to the opportunities we take for granted. Working with one of two organisations, you can make a real difference at a grassroots level, equipping children and adults with the language skills necessary to build better and brighter futures. The project plays an important role in helping them to find alternatives to a life of violence and crime. This is an opportunity to see not just another country but another world, and experiencing the Favellas means that the children aren’t the only ones who will be getting an education. Project Information:

⎫    Project Duration: Min 2 weeks – Max 12 weeks

⎫    Project Costs: £725.00 for 2 weeks, £100.00 for every week thereafter

⎫    Location of project: Rio de Janeiro

⎫    Arrival Airport: Rio de Janeiro (airport code GIG)

⎫    Activities: Teaching English and other subjects

⎫    Working Hours: Flexible; Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm around 20 hours teaching per week, all other time is free

⎫    Getting to the project: Dependent on location; 30-45 minutes by bus (budget approximately US$25 per week)

⎫    Requirements: Minimum Age 18

⎫    Other: Carnival week will be from February 21st to 28th 2009 and February 13th to 20th 2010, you may have some disruptions to the placement during this time. In 2009 projects will be closed from Thursday 19th February to Monday 2nd March.

Link: http://www.i-to-i.com

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Teach TEFL in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil in Brazil

Writer: VIP Ingles| Email:teachers@vipingles.com

VIP Ingles is looking to hire TEFL qualified native English teachers to work in Rio De Janeiro. We are a teaching agency which provides private lessons to our clients either at their place of work or their home. Many of our clients are professionals such as doctors, lawyers, engineers and business men who often have a very busy schedule and therefore need the lessons to be brought to them. As VIP Ingles caters to a particular type of student, quality is very important to us. Professional development is always offered to our teachers.

We have many teaching resources and supplement activities available for our teachers. All books and teaching resources are provided to our teachers by VIP Ingles. Qualifications:


⎫    More than one year teaching experience.

⎫    Clean, professional and hygienic appearance.

Compensation : $30 Brazilian Reais per hour. Full-Time teachers will receive a minimum of 25 hrs per week. Part-time will receive a maximum of 15 hours per week

Link: http://www.teflcourse.net

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Rio De Janeiro – Brazil

30 Brazilian Real (BRL) per Hour

We need to find qualified ESL teachers immediately for our waiting list of executives and top professionals in and around Barra da Tijuca, in Rio de Janeiro. We specialize in one-on-one tutoring and speed courses.  Our commitment to quality has placed us in a privileged position in the local market and we have much more demand than we had anticipated.  We are a small team which operates in Barra da Tijuca area, on a quiet safe island right next to the best beaches, clubs and business and shopping centers. All our students are nearby or come to us. We can arrange a place to stay, eat and other details to make your stay as pleasant as it should be. 
We insist on truly qualified, cheerful personalities with diverse, intense backgrounds. Basic knowledge of good English grammar a must. Knowledge of medical fields, financial markets and international business a plus.

Please note: We do not cover travel expenses to and from Brazil. 
We do, however, pay the highest rates in Rio de Janeiro — now at R$ 30 per hour — above US$ 16 per hour. 

Please send resumé with a recent photo to:

Email: skyline.riodejaneiro@gmail.com   

along with information regarding your present location, and any plans for coming to Rio de Janeiro – Brazil – to teach in the near continuous perfect future. :-)

Link: http://www.esljobsworld.com

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