// Climbing in Rio


Each one of this areas have more then 10 routes.  At least you can see the maps.

Sport Climbing Rio.
Platô da Lagoa (in Lagoa)
Campo Escola 2000 (in the Tijuca Forest)
Barrinha (in Barra)
Ácidos (in Urca)
Urubu Rock (in Urca)
Primatas;”>(in Jardim Botânico)Reserva do Grajaú (in Grajaú)
Primatas(in Jardim Botânico)

Around the Claudio Coutinho track, in the wood by the bases of Pão de Açucar and Morro da Urca.(in Urca)
Reserva do Grajaú (in Grajaú)
Primatas(in Jardim Botânico)

See climbing pics around Rio here: http://www.cariocando.com.br/

Find Gear in Rio: Rua Buenos Aires, 41, 2nd floor. Closest sub station is Carioca sataion. But you still have to walk a few blocks. You can get climbing guide books here too. You won’t find guide books in regular book stores. It is either climbing stores or one particular news stand in Urca.

Indoor Gym: Limite Vertical @ botafogo, in rua bambina 54,fundos

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