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Country Fact Sheet:
> Full country name:
Federative Republic of Brazil
> Area:
8,511,965 sq km
> Population:
168 million people
> Capital city:
> Language:
Portuguese (official), Spanish, English, French
> Government:
Federal Republic
> President:
Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva

> 55% White, 38% Mixed, 6% Black, 1% Indian and other minorities

> 88% Roman Catholic, 2% Afro-American Spiritualist, 2% Spiritist, 1% Atheist

GDP per capita:
> $6300 USD

Currency: Real

Exchange Rate: 2.35 Brazilian Reals per 1 US Dollar (as of 12/08) Exchange Rate Calculator:

Rio de Jeneiro: Population: 6.1 million people
A commonly used abbreviation for Rio de Janeiro is Rio.

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